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The University Institute of Microgravity "Ignacio Da Riva" of the Technical University of Madrid (IDR/UPM) is a research, development and training centre in the areas of aerospace, science and technology.
The current R&D activities at IDR/UPM began in 1974, under the supervision and guidance of Professor Ignacio Da Riva (1930-1991) with its former name of LAMF/ETSIA. From its beginnings, this group worked in research and development of fluids behaviour in microgravity, spacecrafts thermal control and experimental aerodynamics.
  Prof. Ignacio Da Riva
After Professor Ignacio Da Riva´s death, the group has continued to strengthen the line of aerospace research, where the microsatellite UPM-SAT launch in 1995 has been one of the IDR/UPM milestones. Besides the space activities, two further lines of research have been established, both being important parts of the IDR/UPM work: anemometers calibration for the wind energy industry and civil aerodynamics (the study of the wind action on buildings and other civil engineering structures).
Currently IDR staff consists of more than 25 professionals (PhD students, engineers, and technicians) and a variable team of collaborators depending on workload.