UPMSat-2 UNION is a university microsatellite project coordinated by IDR/UPM based on previous microsatellite project experience UPM-SAT 1, qualified for flight by Ariane-4 launch vehicle and injected into orbit on July 7, 1995. The objective of this project is design, construction and qualification, launch and on-orbit operation of a qualified space platform incorporating new technologies and adaptable to different launch services. UPMSat-2 UNION can be used as an on-orbit technology demonstration platform as well as scientific applications and a useful mean for educational and professional training purposed inside university.
UPM-Sat 2
With the mentioned approach UPMSat-2 UNION is a 50 kg class microsatellite which its geometry configuration is parallelepiped shaped with 0.5 m x 0.5 m at the base and 0.6 m in height. The detailed characteristics are not frozen yet and it is intended that the platform can offer a volume of 0.40 m × 0.40 m × 0.25 m, mass budget of 15 kg and 15 W electrical power for payload(s). The satellite orbit is considered to be near 600 km sun-synchronous orbit. The provisional launch date is 2014 and mission life will be 2 years.
Regarding educational aspect of the project following the experience UPM-SAT 1, different work groups formed by IDR/UPM staff, university professors, postgraduate and graduate students are involved in different tasks. Also, the project team is open to collaborate with other academic and research institutes and individual researchers.