This laboratory is configured around a thermal vacuum chamber for space environment simulation tests. The vacuum chamber, developed by Telstar, is cylindrical and is 1 metre in diameter and 1.4 metres long. It is intended for space simulation tests and analysis of the behaviour of microsatellites and other space equipment and subsystems, under temperature and vacuum conditions analogous to those experienced by these systems in space. This equipment is used both for qualification tests, on qualification models that remain on the ground, and for acceptance tests of those that go to outer space (flight models).

A vacuum level of 10-5 Pa can be reached in the chamber, in a temperature range extending from -150 ºC to +180 ºC. These conditions allow space equipment and systems to be subjected to stress levels similar to those experienced in space, where the satellite is exposed to solar radiation, without the protection of the atmosphere, as well as to an extremely cold environment when it enters the Earth's shadow.
In the same environment there is a class 100000 clean room (class M 6.5 according to SI nomenclature), used for the assembly and integration of space equipment and systems. A special area with ISO 5 cleanliness conditions for flight model testing is also available within this room.

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The University Institute of Microgravity "Ignacio Da Riva" is part of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. We have one site at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio, within the Moncloa campus, and another at the Montegacedo campus.

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