The R&D activities of the IDR/UPM began in 1974, under the direction of Professor Ignacio Da Riva (1930-1991), with the initial name of LAMF/ETSIA. This working group of the E.T.S.I. Aeronáuticos was dedicated from the beginning to research and development in the fields of fluid behaviour in microgravity, thermal control of spacecraft and experimental aerodynamics.

After the death of Professor Ignacio Da Riva, the group around him continued to promote aeronautics research. Since then, Professor José Meseguer Ruíz has been the director of the Institute until 2015. Thanks to his management and strategic vision, two lines of work and research have been consolidated in which the IDR/UPM is today a reference with national and international recognition: space technology and experimental aerodynamics.

Among the IDR/UPM milestones, the following should be highlighted:

    • 2022 
      • Sunrise III IDR participates in the thermal design of this telescope.

    • 2020
      • ESA Solar Orbiter – IDR participates in the thermal design of the PHI, EPD instruments.
      • Tests in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel on the "Centennial Bridge", Cadiz, Spain.
      • ExoMars 2020 Rover – (ESA mission, delayed from 2022 TBC) IDR contributes Raman, and Dust Sensor.
      • Launch of the UPM-Sat 2 satellite (3 September)

    • 2019
      • Air flow tests in the ACLA-16 aerodynamic tunnel on the new NAVANTIA F-110 frigate.
      • Tests in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel of the Spanish pavilion for the Dubai World Expo 2020.
      • Tests in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel of the new roof of the El Sadar stadium, Pamplona, ​​Spain.

    • 2018
      • Tests in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel of the “Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway” bridge in the Philippines.
      • NASA Mars 2020 Rover MEDA ATS and TIRS (launch on 07/30/2020).

    • 2017
      • Trials in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel on the Rio roof of the Balaídos stadium, Vigo, Spain.
      • Tests in the ACLA-16 wind tunnel of the “New Ross Bypass” bridge in Ireland, United Kingdom.

    • 2016
      • Launch ExoMars 2016 TGO – IDR participates in the NOMAD instrument

    • 2014: OSIRIS camera of the ROSETTA mission, whose structure and thermal control were developed at IDR/UPM, obtains the first photos of asteroid 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

    • 2006: The ACLA-16 begins to operate, the first Spanish wind tunnel with atmospheric boundary layer simulation capacity, aimed at civil aerodynamics tests.

    • 2003: ENAC accreditation as an anemometer calibration laboratory.

    • 2002:
    • Construction begins on the new IDR/UPM headquarters on the Montegancedo Campus.
    • The new IDR/UPM headquarters are inaugurated on the Montegancedo Campus.


Our officies

The University Institute of Microgravity "Ignacio Da Riva" is part of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. We have one site at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Aeronáutica y del Espacio, within the Moncloa campus, and another at the Montegacedo campus.

Campus Moncloa / Montegacedo

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📍 Calle de los Ciruelos S/N, 28223 Pozuelo, España

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