Experimental wind tunnel campaigns are very different, depending on the body to be tested and the objectives of the test. In general, these campaigns consist of three phases:

1 - Design and construction of test models

Based on the information provided by the applicant, the full-scale test model to be installed in the wind tunnel is designed. The model usually includes the necessary instrumentation.

The model is built using a combination of modelling techniques such as cabinet making, 3D printing, numerical control milling, etc.

2 - Test Campaign

In general, a wind tunnel test consists of subjecting a properly instrumented test model to the wind flow generated by the tunnel. The objective of a tunnel test depends on the application, but the most common is to determine the pressure and load distributions that the wind generates on a body when there is a relative velocity between the two.

3 - Data processing and analysis

The data generated by the test campaign are long time series of measured pressures and/or loads. This information is processed, analysed and reported so that it is presented in a format that is useful to the user.


The table shows the cost per hour of use of the ACLA16 and AB6 wind tunnels.


Wind tunnel
 Price UPM
 External prices
ACLA16 700 €/h
790 €/h
AB6  350 €/h 390 €/h


The full cost of a tunnel test is highly variable, depending mainly on the cost of producing the model, which varies in complexity, and the number of different cases to be tested in the test campaign.

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