AD-ASTRA kicks-off

17 de Mayo de 2023

AD-ASTRA (Aerospace Districts: Acceleration of the Strategic Transfer of Regional Advancements) is a project that seeks the positive interconnection between innovation ecosystems, with a focus on the aerospace sectors, as well as the development of an interregional, competitive, and connected innovation ecosystem. Funded by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) of the European Commission, this project involves five different regions of Europe:


  • Emilia-Romagna (Italy) - ART-ER (Project coordinator)
  • Occitania (France) - Toulouse Métropole (Partner)
  • South Holland (The Netherlands) - Innovation Quarter (Partner)
  • Madrid (Spain) - Universidad Politécnica De Madrid (Partner)
  • Puglia (Italy) - DTA Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale (Partner)

These regions have a common interest in promoting the aerospace sectors, and improving cross communication to and from other innovative sectors (e.g. automotive, biomedicine, agri-food, and big data) characterised by different levels of maturity and consolidation as well as different levels of readiness for innovations.


The objectives of the project include collection, examination, and systematisation of the experiences of each regional ecosystem, primarily in relation to each aerospace district and secondly involving each innovation ecosystem in which they are active. In general, AD-ASTRA is based on the commitment to create an interregional network and to define an action plan for innovation development in each of the regional aerospace districts.



The central concept of the project is that "diversity generates wealth". The collaboration of these markedly diverse regions, also represented by partners from different spheres of the Quadruple Helix, will be an opportunity for growth. The establishment of a solid and long-lasting collaborative EU network, capable of exploiting complementary skills, experiences, territorial and industrial vocations, will contribute to creating a "critical mass" in strategic EU sectors.


This ambitious goal will be achieved through an iterative process:


  • collection, analysis and systematisation of the experiences (skills, technologies, networks) of the associated regions concerning their aerospace districts;
  • analysing the future evolution of each ecosystem in response to technological, economic, political and social megatrends;
  • correct or validate hypotheses and evolution models with the support of stakeholder groups;
  • defining an action plan for the development of each of the regional aerospace ecosystems, valuing the experiences and best practices derived from other regions and reinforcing spin-in and spin-out processes to and from other industrial sectors and territories.


In the next months of the project development, 5 co-creation workshops will be organised  with the aim of disseminating information on the intrinsic characteristics of each ecosystem in the aerospace field and collecting insights and feedback from each participant (local stakeholders and project partners) that represent important information to draw a joint action for the 5 regions. The first events to be mentioned are set in correspondence with some of the most important industry events in Europe:


  • “Aerospace Delta Agenda 2030”: May 22nd (Delft, Netherlands).
  • Research to Business”: June 8th-9th (Bologa, Italy).
  • “Drones Beyond”: Second half of October 2023 (Bari, Italy).



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